What Kind of Sex Do Superheroes Have?

What Kind of Sex Do Superheroes Have? The answer may seem obvious to some but with superpowers come super responsibilities. Imagine for a moment, the stress every Superhero has when engaging in any sexual activity. What happens if superheroes can’t achieve the ultimate climax for their partner? Imagine no super penis powers on a male […]

Male Chastity Cage the Bird Cage

Male Chastity Cage for the tight fit! Male Chastity Cage to be in total control of your man and witness his complete submission with the Bird Cage Male Chastity Device. This classic cock cage features lightweight bar caging that allows visuals of your sub’s manhood while restricting forms of touch and stimulation. This cage is […]

Corked Captain Anal Plug Patriotic Pleasures

Corked Captain Anal Patriotic Pleasure is sure to include an anal sensation  Corked Captain Anal Plug when you’re ready for a tight plug and ready for service. Enjoy using this 100% body-safe silicone Captain Anal plug to have you always ready for duty.   This patriotic anal toy underwent a super-secret silicone operation. The procedure […]

Ribbed Delight Jeweled Metal Butt Plugs

Ribbed Delight Jeweled Metal Butt Plugs for Pleasure This lustrous jeweled butt plug and anal massager crafted to a sparkling finish are a toy worth the experience. These chrome-plated metal butt plugs are part of the line of elegant anal toys made for your visual and physical satisfaction. Available Sizes Available in 3 insertable sizes […]

Orgasm Control Toys

Orgasm Control Toys For Those Wanting The Tease & Denial Orgasm control toys have become hugely popular. With the latest wireless, wifi, capable toys, and the newest apps tease, and details hit mainstream sex.  Mutual dependency or single control over an orgasm brings new games and adventures to daring participants. Controlled via iPhone or Android […]

Buffalo Leather Flogger For Perfect BDSM Play

Buffalo Leather Flogger The Buffalo Leather Flogger makes managing mischief is now easier and sexier thanks to our BDMS Buffalo Flogger. This flogger gorgeous bondage spanking gear made from genuine buffalo leather with a stylish braided handle and multiple, lengthy tails. Its 8-inch handle and 20-inch edged strands are balanced to deliver forceful thuds with […]

Purple Satin Choker With Bow

Purple Satin Choker With Bow To Show Submission. Purple Satin Choker With Bow is perfect and quality for your perfect little submissive. Play time to show your devotion can be so enjoyable.  $17.49 USD Where fetish truly meets fashion with these beautiful collars that take your breath away. The seductive combination of leather and lace […]

HawkAss Arrow Dildo

HawkAss Arrow Dildo. Never miss your mark again with our new HawkAss Arrow! With a straight shaft and a narrow, slightly curved tip this product has been specifically designed for the superhero without any kinky superpowers. Perfect for anybody looking to embark on their first strap on adventure.   Product Specs This dildo is strap-on […]

Spider Cock Dildo

Spider Cock Dildo. Your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Cock! With a suction cup base, curved shaft, ribbed web texture, and smooth silicone finish, this spidey dildo is built to please! At 6 inches this dildo will seek out your G-spot or P-spot and really get your spidey senses tingling. This dildo is also harnessing compatible! Product Specs This dildo […]

Dildoda dildo you can

Dildoda dildo you can. Dildoda Dildo Much pleasure I sense in this dildo, tempted by the darkside you will be…. When 900 years old you reach, look as good, your dick will not…. Do or do not, there is no try… Product Specs 100% body-safe silicone Dildoda is a multipurpose silicone dildo that can be […]

R2 V2 Buzz Vibrator

R2 V2 Buzz Vibrator. The cheeky friend you always wanted… Bleep Bloop Buzzzzzzzzzz. Product Specs R2-V2 is a vibrating body wand massager engineered for strong and continuous stimulation The head of this little astro droid is made of 100% body safe silicone and is removable for easy cleaning Charger: USB cable (includes cable) 3 speeds […]

C3 Plug Companion

C3 Plug Companion Meet  C3 Plug a specialist in human/anal relations. He is fluent in over 6 million forms of communication with a specialty in anal arousal. This shiny chunk of space metal can be your perfect anal sex toy companion. Product Specs This anal toy is made out of top grade aluminium alloy. Insertable […]

Darth Vibrator So The Force Be With You

Darth Vibrator So The Force Be With You. The most bad ass massaging wand in the Galaxy! You’ll be left breathless after you experience the full power of Darth Vibrator.  May the force be with you as you explode into a new dimension of orgasms. Product Specs The force is strong with this one Vibrating […]

Dragon Dildo The Drodong

Dragon Dildo Drodong – Silicone Masterpiece Dragon Dildo will let you Become the mother of dragons and take a ride on Drodong, a fierce-looking silicone dildo with the perfect amount of texture and shape. Scales stretching the length of the shaft, sharply tapered tip and a base that looks just epic, this premium product is […]

Zombie Dildo Orgasm Attack Will Melt Her Brains

Zombie Dildo Zombie Dildo Orgasm Attack Will Melt Her Brains … Brains not wanted.  Although this dildo won’t try and eat your brains, it will attempt to give you intense orgasms. Its fleshy bumps and ridges add that extra pleasure you’ve been looking for. Once we saw this, we knew we had to try one.  […]

AquaMoan Dildo Limited Addition

AquaMoan Dildo Limited Addition Limites Supply! AquaMoan Dildo Limited Addition will very soon gone forever! Get one while you still can! This is by far our favorite toy yet! AquaMoan will exceed your wildest expectations with its high-quality platinum silicone, scaly texture, and the perfect curves! Equip with a strong suction cup this toy is […]

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Dildo

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Dildo to give yourself a good hard fork! Are you waiting for the price of btc to moon? Maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands and pump bitcoin in every way possible… Give yourself a good hard fork with our new 6.5″ bitcoin dildo! Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Dildo Product Specs 100% […]

Crypto Bitcoin Ball Gag

Crypto Bitcoin Ball Gag to stop your partner from the constant talk of BTC. Sick of your partner talking crypto hype in the bedroom? Or maybe they’re talking FUD nonsense? It’s time to muffle their annoying sounds with our Bitcoin ball gag! Stop feeling the FOMO and add a little BTC to your BDSM today! Crypto […]